Poly Wall – ICF Waterproofing Membrane

Poly Wall® Home Stretch™ Peel 'N Stick/ICF Waterproofing Membrane is
specifically designed and engineered for use with Insulated Concrete Forms
(ICF) technology. It is also an excellent choice for use on poured concrete foundation
walls, Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) walls and related applications where waterproofing
is critical or hydrostatic pressure is present. Home Stretch™ ICF is a self-adhering sheet
waterproofing membrane 40 mils thick which consists of a strong pliable high density
polyethylene (HDPE) facing bonded to a rubberized asphalt waterproofing compound
that has been proven over many years of use to a be supremely effective
waterproofing. Home Stretch™ ICF is available in easy to handle and install 36” wide by
66.7’ long rolls (200 sf / roll) with a disposable treated release liner. When used with
Shur-Tac™, Poly Wall® Home Stretch™ Detail Tape, Poly Wall® Blue Barrier™ Joint
Filler 2200 and Poly Wall® Arroyo™ Drain Boards  and accessories creates a complete
waterproofing system for your ICF.

Features & Benefits

  • Factory controlled 40-mil uniform and consistent thickness
  • Side lap design delivers increased water tightness
  • Extended selvage edge provides asphalt-to-asphalt adhesion at the seam
  • Appropriate for use with both Expanded and Extruded Polystyrene ICF Systems
  • High Tensile Strength with terrific flexibility
  • Can be used in colder weather…25 degrees F and rising (only possible with use of Polybond Clear Liquid Adhesive)
  • No VOC’s, No odor
  • Release film does not tear easily and protects adhesive layer

Specs Sheet

Installation Manual


Platon Foundation Wrap

Platon is a rugged, dimpled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) membrane that keeps foundations and flooring dry. Platon creates an impermeable vapour barrier and air gap, allowing concrete to breathe while controlling moisture. It has been used for waterproofing foundations since the early 1990s, with no reported leaks.
Platon Waterproofing Foundation Protector
Platon Foundation Drainage keeps wet soil away from the foundation wall. Any moisture that may find its way past the membrane is carried to the foundation drain by the air gap drainage path. Platon Foundation Protector is commonly used to waterproof block walls, poured concrete walls, permanent wood, existing foundations and Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF).

Features & Benefits

•  Made from tough, durable HDPE
•  Proven to solve problems associated with basement
   leakage, floor 
   coverings on concrete and interior moisture control
•  Economical
•  Easy to install
•  30-year product warranty on foundations
Platon Installation Instructions Click Here

TAMKO TW-60 Sheet Waterproofing Membrane

TAMKO TW-60 is a flexible, self-adhering, rubberized asphalt sheet waterproofing membrane with a polymer film on the
surface and a removable treated release film on the adhesive side.
TW-60 is especially well suited for below-grade waterproofing of foundation walls, tunnels, earth shelters, ICF forms, and
similar structures. The TW-60 membrane is also suitable for waterproofing plaza decks, parking decks, balconies, and
Consistent 60 mil product thickness
Excellent tensile, elongation, and permeance characteristics
Rubberized asphalt (SBS modified) sheet and polymer surfacing provide excellent   waterproofing protection
Treated release film for easier installation and handling
Available in factory pre-cut widths of 6”, 9”, 12”, 18” and 39-3/8” rolls
High temperature resistance up to 240ºF.
Application Instructions
Use TWP-1 Quick Dry Primer or TWP-2 Water Based Primer to help prepare surfaces to receive TW-60 Sheet
Waterproofing Membrane.