Crete-Heat insulated Floor Panel System is an easily assembled modular board insulation, vapor barrier and radiant tube holding grid.

It allows for simplified installation of hydronic radiant floor heating systems in basements, garages, driveways, main floor slab on grade and above grade installations where concrete or gypcrete is normally used.  Crete-Heat comes in 3 inch or 2 Inch solid EPS foam with vapor barrier (10-mil polystyrene film). The 3 inch panels provide an r-15 and 2 inch panels an r-10.  Each interlocking panel comes 8 sqft  with fasteners for 3/8” to 5/8” designed to hold tubing securely in place.


•Cuts radiant heat install by as much as 2/3
•Designed to hold PERT, PEX tube securely in place with wider and deeper fastener
•3 thicknesses available for both new construction and retrofitting existing buildings
•UV protected packaging for outdoor storage
•2 different knob designs for holding 3/8″ to 1″ PERT, PEX tubing
•Special sound deadening knobs for upper floor applications

•Easy to move around site and store
•Panels are placed in UV protected bags during storage
•Panels lay flat and interlock
•Panels are less susceptible to damage from foot or equipment traffic
•Tremendous labor savings. One-person PERT, PEX installation frees up others for other jobs
•PERT, PEX tube spacing is exactly on 3″ increment centers. No more “close enough”
•No taping required
•Minimal Waste
•No more balky staplers to fail you …

Crete-Heat® Packaging

Green Bags 2″
(64 square feet per bag)
(8 Panels per bag)

Blue Bags 2″ Ice Melt
(64 square feet per bag)
Creat-Heat Installation Instructions
Black Bags 1″
(96 square feet per bag)
(12 Panels per Bag)

Yellow Bags 3″
(48 square feet per bag)
Crete-Heat Specifications Click Here